What to Wear

Compliment your location. Think about what you’ll be around when selecting your outfits. For example, if you’re location includes brick, avoid clashing with it by wearing clothes with red.

Find your favorite piece. It’s easy to find that adorable, little dress for your two year old or that cute, new necklace, so start there and build everyone’s outfit around that piece.

Stripes, and dots, and feathers, oh my! If you’re doing family photographs, or even pictures with your significant other don’t feel like you need to match. Coordination is much better and can be as simple as having the same three colors, or by mixing and matching textures and styles.

Baseball cap over ball gown. The most common mistake I see people make is dressing out of their comfort zone. Not only is it important to make sure your children are comfortable, but if you’re wearing things that you feel normal in, you’ll act like yourself in front of the camera.

Avoid the bell bottoms. While grabbing Vogue and copying the latest trend might make you feel fabulous, chances are your kids will laugh hysterically at you in 20 years. Keep it classic and you’ll love your photographs forever.

Don’t forget the toys! Typically I suggest that you avoid bringing out props for your photographs, but it is important that you grab things that will help you relax. Not just a suggestion for kids, having your favorite playlist, or the photo album of your latest trip, can help even adults relax and get in the picture-taking mood.