Suggested locations:

The number one question I’m asked is “Where should we take the photos?”. That’s why I’ve gathered together some of my favorite locations in and around the Fresno area. I hope that it is helpful for you in finding the perfect spot! If you’d like to schedule a photoshoot outside the Fresno area, travel reimbursement is requested. Have your heart set on a place outside of California? I’m available for most locations and am happy to travel, regardless of the distance!

Coke Hallowell Center

Warm tones and bright sunshine can be found  at the Coke Hallowell Center for River Studies.  From wide open spaces with the Sierras in the distance, to grass areas draped with weeping willow tress, this location is simply idealistic. No fees. Seasons: fall, winter, early spring.

hillcrestHillcrest Tree Farm

Hillcrest is  the Valley’s hidden gem! Located near Reedley, the rural setting features dense areas of tall trees with winding paths that create a whimsical setting. $20 fee. Seasons: fall, spring, summer.

Japanese Gardens, Woodward Park

This location requires advance booking and additional permit fee, however, the beauty of these private gardens are unparalleled in Fresno and well worth the extra investment! The variety of scenery make this an ideal outdoor location. $50 fee. Seasons: year-round.

Fresno State

The campus of Fresno State offers several different types of settings, ideal year-round. Iconic landmarks throughout the area work well for families and graduating seniors. Centrally located and cliche “Fresno”. No fee. Seasons: year-round, outside of typical school hours.

downtownfresnoDowntown Fresno

While unconventional in nature, downtown Fresno provides  beautiful urban backdrop. There are a variety of location options within a short walking distance. Downtown Fresno offers a dynamically different style every block. No fee. Seasons: year-round.


Fresno City College

Fresno City College is a classically beautiful location. While I think any kind of portrait experience would be successful here, people who are looking for more traditional photography might enjoy this location the most. No fee. Seasons: year-round, outside of typical school hours.


Locations outside Fresno:

These locations offer a great variety and can add character to your photographs. However, a travel reimbursement is requested.

beachCentral Coast

There are many wonderful locations along the central coast that offer stunning beach settings! We can caravan from Fresno or meetup at the destination. Some of my favorite locations are Pfeiffer Beach near Big Sir, Cambira, Pismo, Santa Cruz and Half Moon Bay.

shaverShaver Lake

If you don’t mind the 45-minute drive, Shaver Lake offers a beautiful mountain landscape with a range of snowscape to sun-drenched meadow. The area is always an enjoyable excursion, and a glimpse of the mountains can be a beautiful addition to your photos!

Other options:

I’m available for the suggested locations listed above, and also for your preferred destinations within California. For bookings outside the Fresno area, a small travel fee is assessed.

Have your heart set on a place outside of California? I’m available for most locations and am happy to travel, regardless of the distance!